Giordano – Catalog

Pampering loyal customers with the “Great Book of Wine Cellar” catalogue

Proposing a selection of wines from the various Italian wine-producing regions with a privileged offer that is reserved for a population of loyal clients. Including tips on how to drink wines and how to pair them with the right food in order to optimize each tasting occasion. The medal-winning wines are also mentioned.

Conceiving and creating a catalog that is enlivened with a layout using a colour and region-based wine classification. The latter gives advice on food and wine pairing at a mere glance. History, medals, beautiful visuals and tips… all the ingredients which have been thought up to seduce connoiseurs and meet their expectations.

The catalog must do its part as an effective selling tool. It must enable each client to find the answers to the questions s/he may have on each highlighted vintage wine. The objective is to ensure loyal customers’ long-lasting satisfaction in order to keep the emotional ties that bind him/her to the brand and trigger a purchase.

The catalogue has already been published. All confidentiality clauses were observed during its production.

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