Cross-channel marketing enhances performance…. A synergy generated by the mix of several media (Augmented Reality, social media…) and retail.

In the digital age, DM campaigns have become cross-channel, a concept that aims at blending sales channels, retail included, with one another. Creating synergies that optimize the impact of a campaign at each purchasing and loyalty-building stage is crucial. ‘Digital’ and ‘physical’ marketing have to complement each other in order to guarantee that coherence.
Today, we put at your disposal all our expertise in order to ensure the coherence, impact and effectiveness of your campaigns whether in direct marketing, UX/UI Design-based digital marketing or retail marketing.

Augmented Reality on print

Informative & interactive, total immersion and impact guaranteed!
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UX/UI Design-based digital

Interactive and pertinent, your messages build up loyalty and generate leads!
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Highly creative and attractive, your digital or print catalog sells itself!
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Social Media

Sharing & engaging, your contents generate traffic !
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Mailshot and Retailing

In the advent of phygital marketing, mailshots remain essential!
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Print ad and package insert

Visionary and creative, your originality grabs attention!
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Réalitée augmentée sur ordiphone

Augmented Reality – enhanced print material

Interactivity-generating digital contents will guarantee an immersive and striking message

The AR solution provided by our agency, compatible with Android and iOS, can be adapted to your needs, either by integrating your contents into ARGOplay, an undeniably intuitive free app bound to become a standard (more than 1,000,000 consumers have already downloaded it); can be adapted to your needs by creating an exclusive custom app.

How does Augmented Reality work on print?

  1. A small sticker on the page allows to know that this is AR enhanced
  2. The consumer simply has to download the ARGOplay free app and scan the connected page with a smartphone or tablet.
  3. Images, texts, videos and 3D animations… will immediately appear enhancing your mailshot
  4. With your interactive mailshot… create a bond and enrich your customer data.
  5. Multilingualism of your mailings and messages on your packaging… impose yourself all over the world!
    (more than 24 accessible languages: French, English, Italian, Russian, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Turkish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Romanian…)
  6. Plus, access to statistics to improve or modify communication…

Numérique et cross-canal

UX/UI Design-based Digital

Interactive & pertinent, your digital messages secure customer loyalty and generate leads

Digitization has made the purchasing act through various devices commonplace, whether customers use a computer, a tablet, a cellphone, a smartphone or a watch. At l’Agence Directe, we do our utmost to make sure that your messages come out with clarity on all devices by using a responsive design. Indeed, today, 61% of emails are read on a cellphone and 91% of consumers read them on their smartphones at least once a day (from SCND, TechCrunch 2016).

Our know-how in UX/UI Design-based digital marketing is reinforced by our expertise in DS.

UX, or user experience, allows us to conceive an interface that fully meets customers’ need for usability. It will bring user-friendliness and accessibility through appearance, coherent design and intuitive functionality.

We make sure that your message is pertinent to the chosen target (B to B or B to C) and, yet, meets the demand of internauts and mobile users (exhaustive offers, accurate and clear information, advice on choice, prices, as well as delivery terms and costs). We take into account the specifities that characterize an email, a newsletter or a landing page.
We make sure that your message gets delivered as much and as often as needed and in compliance with opt-in laws while still focusing on its pertinence and customization.
Thus, we will make sure that all your digital messages (email, newsletter and landing page) are created with UX/UI Design, can be adapted to all devices and also contain all the ingredients that leads to or trigger sales.



Highly creative and attractive, your print or AR catalog sell itself!

In the past, the print catalog was used as an effective means to reduce the cost of the sales force. Today, despite the advent of the digital age, it still shows its worth! Consumers still leaf through it, and it does contribute to increasing retail traffic while also being an important tool for online orders. Companies have consequently adapted its use to their specific needs. The print catalog can be a visual aid that underpins a lifestyle and can evolve into thematic series that are less voluminous, but more reactive and more frequently dispatched.

To ensure pertinence and coherence, we take into account the findings of the latest studies of consumers’ and / or prospects’ behavior, habits and interests given that a deep understanding of the market is as crucial as a thorough knowledge of the product or service that is for sale. The catalogs that we create are thus in perfect adequacy with the need to inform and seduce the target.

Moreover, your catalog can be enhanced with digital contents and apprehended differently thanks to Augmented Reality, which is today an indispensable innovation! This will guarantee clients and prospects’ full immersion.

Numérique et cross-canal

Social media

Sharing & engaging , your contents generate traffic !

On social media, the message takes on the form of a text, an image, a video or an audio with one specificity : each is both a disseminator and a target. There are no social media without three key elements : a technological platform (a fixed or mobile device), social interaction (social networks, forums, blogs…) and a created content.

Firstly, in accordance with your objectives, we can implement and / or manage your social network accounts (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram…), by creating fans of your brand, relaying contents, covering your events live (product launches …), creating a customer service point for instantaneous interactivity (hotline or after-sales service…), putting in place your social shopping via Facebook, Pinterest (shop the look in 2018) or Instagram (with its shopping functionality, the possibility of tagging products and redirect users to online stores since March 2018).

Then, we carry out a strategy designed to win customers and /or build up loyalty by carefully managing your reputation, increasing your visibility and redirecting traffic towards your URL or landing page…

Mailing et retailing

Mailshot and retail marketing

In the advent phygital marketing, mailshots remain essential!

The creation of mailshots is part of our main know-how. In full coherence with a well-thought-out communication strategyI, we concentrate our efforts on the conception of a highly creative and winning mailshot that not only triggers purchases and creates sensation, but also generates retail traffic. In fact, ‘phygital’ is a new term which describes the combined use of physical and digital means in marketing. Mail as a communication channel, therefore, remains indispensable.
Mailshots once more prove their effectiveness: they allow one-to-one customization, are a reliable measuring tool with a high coefficient of memorization (61%) when compared with other media.

A study conducted by Kantar Division Worldpanel * shows that 67% of French people prefer to be informed via print ads. Out of 10 cases studied, this media generates an average traffic increase of 9%. It generates loyalty and leads because 80% of people know the brand and come back and 20% are new buyers!

The line between offline and online is getting blurred, and with the growing number of connected devices, the main challenge for creativity is the ability to anticipate new consumer trends and habits.

The use of Augmented Reality-enhanced print materials is topical and their enrichment with digital contents creates both interactivity and total immersion.

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Asile colis

Print ad and package insert

Visionary & creative, your originality grabs attention!

Print ads and inserts used to be the favored tools for conveying the brand image and gaining new customers. However, the rise of digital marketing has changed things. Today, the press is both print and digital-based. New technological as AR means have given rise to the enrichment of print materials with digital contents.

Package inserts with the growth of e-commerce have gained importance. A package insert consists in putting an insert (catalog, mailshot, coupon …) in a non-competing firm’s package or in the company’s own shipment. The implementation of such a campaign is both profitable than a traditional mailshot as there are no shipping costs. Its effectiveness depends on the choice of partners, timeliness, targeting accuracy, and a communication synergy with the firm’s other channels. To generate leads or trigger purchases, the offer must be sufficiently attractive.

Whether it is for print ads, or package inserts, we do our utmost to conceive and create the offer and ensure coherence in cross-channel communication in order to generate sales and leads!