We put at your disposal a pool of competencies and know-how in very specific fields in direct marketing, in UX/UI Design-based digital marketing and in retailing.
We will make use of a variety of means for the best user experience possible.
We will conceive all your digital projects with UX/UI Design whatever the device (smartphones, tablets, desktops…).

The selling process in DM and digital marketing can be applied to all segments (whether for loyal, occasional or prospective customers). To generate leads, build-up customer loyalty, and optimize results, knowledgeability is indispensable in the marketing specificities of each market and each material (print and / or digital) in order to produce the convergence needed for a 360° communication.



Creating rational campaigns with a creative vision

The effectiveness of all DM campaign plans is based on the combination of a pertinent strategic analysis and a creative vision. Its optimization can only be achieved through a good CRM and a customer-centric marketing. The advent of intelligent marketing or Big Data has allowed to process a substantial amount of data coming straight from the consumer, making it possible to carry out both a thorough analysis of his feelings and a sophisticated segmentation. Therefore, the social and professional background, profile and profitability objectives of each segment have to be taken into account when devising a campaign.

We implement several steps that are carefully and pertinently conceived:

  • Creation of a DM media plan: the choice of channels and their synergy (mailshot, print, email mailshot, social media…)
  • Use of UX/UI Design in digital marketing to enhance user experience whatever the device (smartphones, tablets, laptops…)
  • Selection of media providers: address brokers, media-specialized agencies, RTB (Real Time Bidding), retargeting…
  • Creation of commercial offers: study of product mix, benchmarking, creation of offers that integrate purchase-triggering parameters (customization, gimmicks…), generate interactivity and engagement (Augmented Reality, QR code, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram…)
  • Analysis and follow-up of each result whether target-based or media-based


Client-winning strategy

Reaching the right target & generating leads with persuasive assets

In direct marketing, finding the best high-potential prospects and / or generating leads – with the likelihood of a high conversion rate – results from a well-targeted and well-thought-out marketing strategy which is bolstered by an effective media plan and an original UX/UI Design-based digital creation that can be used for all types of devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops…).
Today, consumers are better informed and marketers need to adapt if they want to woo and win them. Combining direct marketing that is based on traditional communication materials (mailshots, print ads, postcards, etc.) with digital marketing (web, e-mail mailshots, social media, etc.) and retail marketing is a must. The use of new technology like Augmented Reality, therefore, allows to enrich print materials with digital contents and generate sales and leads, enrich databases and develop even more “transactional” messages.

Loyalty-building strategy

Loyalty-building strategy

Building emotional ties with your most profitable customers

Loyalty-building programs are the linchpin of interpersonal marketing. Seducing customers and securing their loyalty is a continual process: a customer who has been won over from a competitor will always be tempted to take advantage of any promotional offers, whatever their provenance.

Today, with the advent of Big Data, a better mapping of the market and an acute awareness of customer needs have been achieved. A new communication logic is taking hold: innovate, stun customers and converse with them… the use of customization and individuation enhances the effectiveness of purchase-triggering strategies (gifts, promotions…) and optimize loyalty towards your brand.

The implementation of a well-thought-out 360° communication to seduce and retain your most loyal customers by means of a mailshot and/ or one-to-one emailshot or landing page (one example being a personal web-to-store invitation) can foster a significant increase in response rate or retail traffic.

By studying your internal databases and identifying your most profitable customers, we will conceive and produce your print and/or digital messages, enrich your print material by superimposing digital content with Augmented Reality. Our main goal is to reach your core target.