Fratelli Carli – Mailshot

Proposing a special offer of Italian wines to the brand’s internal as well as external targets.

Prospecting for new wine clients in Germany from “the external lists”. The campaign is built on a simple offer that is based on a box of Prosecco, a world-renowned sparkling white wine from the Veneto region, with free shipping and as a gift an additional bottle.

Creating a mailshot based on a content full of information on the Veneto region and the description of Prosecco. The advantages are highlighted by each component of the message, of which a leaflet for the box and a coupon for a free additional bottle at the bottom of the letter. The whole promotion is at once sober and impacting.

Personalisation reinforces the prospect’s interest and the whole communication must be persuasive and purchase-triggering.

This message has already been published. All confidentiality clauses were observed during its production.

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