Ventilo – retail mailshot

Increasing retail traffic

Increasing retail traffic with a mailshot based on a ‘Private Sale’ invitation. Putting in place an invitation to a gift-giving cocktail party that allows the brand’s best clients to be the first ones to discover both the new store collection and the previous one that is sold in outlets.

Creating an invitation-based mailshot that is at once high quality, high-end and impacting. For the best retail clients, a highly personalized mailshot is created. It includes a letter, a catalog on the new collection and a leaflet that carries an invitation card as a gift.
For outlet clients, a personalized letter in which the invitation is mentioned is conceived. A gift as well as an attractive and seductive book look are also put forward.

An Exceptional mailshot for exceptional clients! Personalization enhances a communication which makes the client feel unique and privileged. The mailshot must be persuasive and convincing to entice the client to go to stores!

The message has already been published. All confidentiality clauses were observed during its production.

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