Darjeeling – Retail mailshot

Darjeeling – Retail mailshot

Increasing retail traffic

Helping to increase both retail and website traffic with special advantages. The mailshot is simultaneously delivered with the launches of the spring-summer collection and / or the fall / winter one, the private sales and the sale period. Also implementing a cross-channel campaign that is based on a mailshot as well as an e-mail mailshot, and contains either a personalized discount voucher or special advantages that are available in stores.

Creating a pre-addressed mailshot that stages the offer. The whole is based on seduction and conformity with the image of the brand. Being cross-channel requires coherence between both channels: direct marketing and retail marketing.

Seduction is indispensable and so is personalization to valorize the client. The mailshot must be persuasive and coherent in order to trigger an offline purchase.

The message has already been published. All confidentiality clauses were observed during its production.

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