Europe Assistance – ERA Brand block identity

Création of the identity of a brand block following a brand partnership

Europe Assistance together with RAC, VHD and Falk, the four main European brands of (European) roadside assistance have launched the European Road-services Alliance (ERA Automotive). It is an exclusive alliance designed to improve its worldwide coverage /achieve a global reach, and achieve/provide an unparalleled technical expertise and customer experience in road services. It is symbolized by a new logo representing the four partners as four lines drawn in their respectives colors and linked in an original, modern and universal brand approach.

With an original design, the visual is made up of four relays whose respective colors represent each member of the Alliance, and a square is inscribed in the middle. The resulting image can be likened to a superimposition of roads that forms a tightly woven network through further connections and links.

The visual is likened to the hashtag that is found at the heart of current communication channels and social media. As a result, it is not only full of meaning, but also highly memorable, contemporary, colorful, graphical, trendy…

The project has already been created and published, All confidentiality clauses were observed during its production.

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