Europe Assistance – PROTRUCK visual identity

Creation of the visual identity of a new Business Line

Defining, conceiving and creating in various forms the visual identity of the new Business Line ProTruck™, whose core activity is road assistance for trucks and heavy trucks or HGV, a service that is already in place at Europe Assistance and that requires and provides specific skills.

Reflecting creatively on a visual identity by means of a thorough analysis of brand environments, the competition, the target market, by also carrying out visual and typographical research…. The visual entity has been studied in a way that allows a partnership with one Generali brand and the possibility of being acquired as a white label by B-to-B actors.

Achieving the visibility of a new Business Unit whose identity is both unique and recognizable. The scope covers Continental Europe (Italy, Germany, France, Spain, Belgium…), Eastern Europe and Asia (mainly India and China).

The project has already been created and published, All confidentiality clauses were observed during its production.

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