Altarès – B2b Mailshot and e-mail mailshot

Grabbing attention with « highly effectual » B2B messages to win a demanding and expert target.

Launch of a new and unique tool to analyse and manage financial risk backed by an invitation to an informative breakfast.

Conceived and produced mailshots and e-mail mailshots in line with Altares’image. The format of the material, the graphic design and the choice of visuals had to be surprising and push the target into opening the message.

Reflecting on an e-mail mailshot that would be made up of 2 or 3 messages to be sent at short intervals in order to effectively target a CAC40 CFO. The e-mail mailshot was backed by conventional mailshot and had to display coherence with the latter.

The message has already been published. All the confidentiality clauses were observed during its production.

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