imaGeau – Institutional communication

Raise water market players’ awareness of an innovative high-tech product.

Get the professionals who are likely to be interested (whether journalists or individuals working for municipalities, enterprises…) to understand the use of an innovative high-tech product designed to observe aquifers.

Conceived an information pack on the company, the way its product works and its benefits. Used an accessible language aided by visuals and illustrations to liven up the various sections. A panoramic illustration was chosen to ensure full understanding of the technical system. The large size of the material (about 1meter long once unfolded) had been carefully studied to be used for various exhibition purposes, e.g. an enhancing visual aid for a trade fair stand, a poster …,which made it totally different from those of more traditional formats, contributing to better recall of the imaGeau product. An animation posted online further detailed the advantages of that French innovation in French and English.

The information pack has to convince the targeted professionals that the product is of interest. Understanding it well is essential since it also serves as a presentational aid for sales reps. Making an animated film was a plus meant to show in detail the features of that innovative product.

The message has already been published. All confidentiality clauses were observed during its production.

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