Giordano Wines – Mailshots

Reaching and seducing the prospect by inviting him/her to a private wine-tasting.

Making the prospect discover the Piedmont wine-growing region and its protected Unesco world heritage landscape, while introducing the Asti Barbera, its iconic cépage and red wine. Other renowned wine-growing regions are also present for a comprehensive discovery of the best Italian wines.

Creating a highly effective and seductive mailshot through a deep knowledge of the prospect. Each mailshot component provides information that allows him/her to discover and know more about Italian wines. A high degree of customization contributes to the reader’s immersion.

Introducing the Giordano maison to the prospect through its judicious selection of Italian wines and an attractive promotional offer for a private wine-tasting that also includes 8 Italian gastronomic specialties.

This message has already been published. All confidentiality clauses were observed during its production.

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