Fratelli Carli – Catalog for new clients

Creating a catalog for new clients.

Taking part in devising the strategy and the implementation of a new communication for leads. Revamping an existing catalog so as to better seduce and convince the new client. Other advantages are also given in order to reassure him about the judiciousness of his purchase and trigger another one.

Creating a mailshot that is based on a new brand image-based catalog that blends seduction with desire. The various advantages – a gift of €10 and other discounts – are to be dealt with sobriety and still remain impacting. The letter is customized to engage and valorize the lead.

Keeping the “upscale” image of Fratelli Carli in the whole mailshot while including a “soft” promotion in order to ensure profitability.

This message has already been published. All confidentiality clauses were observed during its production.

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