Éditions Atlas – Print Inserts

Seducing prospective customers with a targeted insert and be at the heart of the trend with “Emma’s cooking”!

Capture a female target who is taking up cooking by suggesting a collection of easy recipes. To begin with, 50 recipe cards in a pretty box are proposed at an amazing price so that she could impress her friends. Then seduction is reinforced by offering other exceptional advantages.

It was judicious to conceive a rather playful four-page insert animated with illustrations that were in line with the theme of the project. The sale was backed by a conspicuous offer, and a few recipe cards were put forward to seduce the target.

Laying the stress on the possibility of starting a thematic collection of easy and accessible recipes. Using a special offer to attract the prospective client and trigger a purchase.

The message has already been published. All the confidentiality clauses were observed during its production.

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